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publications collage
publications collage

"Dolce's tiny, jewel-like glass accents on a bathroom floor or kitchen backsplash...grace the homes of [several] celebrities."
--- Better Homes and Gardens


"Dolce Glass Tiles are a whimsical addition to any residential wall or floor."
--- Architectural Record


"[Dolce's] glass tiles are like gemstones mounted to a wall. Light glints off them, drawing the eye to their sleek surfaces."
--- Sunset Magazine


"Here is an opportunity to add dimension to any floor; you might incorporate a subtly reflective border, pick out one color to accentuate or lend cohesion, or carry some design element into the floor in unexpected ways. Imagine the surprise of a thin line of [Dolce] cobalt blue or ruby red glittering in the quiet of an oak floor, or of an iridescent highlight in a floor of unglazed quarry tile."
--- The New Flooring Idea Book


"Decorative glass tile is entering a new golden age as manufacturers and artisans experiment with colors, materials, and techniques to produce a seemingly infinite variety of contemporary examples. And it’s no wonder, because the material is so seductive."
--- Sunset Magazine


"Looking like exquisite Italian candies, Dolce Glass Tiles add whimsy and color to a room."
--- Decorating


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