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Because DOLCE GLASS TILES are crafted from hand-cut, layered, and fused art glass, no two are exactly alike. There will be slight variations in color, size, surface, shape and texture. Some will contain small bubbles. Although they are basically uniform, these unique handmade qualities will contribute to the overall beauty and character of the tiles. The texture on the reverse side of the product is created to enhance the appearance of the tiles as well as to insure the best installation possible.

Installation for DOLCE GLASS TILES is easy and very similar to other tiles. Use white fulflex thin set. Brands such as Mapei, Glextile, Tec, and Laticrete are recommended. Each piece must be back-buttered (because of transparency) and set on a dry surface.

Because DOLCE GLASS TILES are 1/4" thick, special care must be taken when installing with thicker ceramic tiles. A thick layer of thinset must be built up to bring them to the same surface level as the ceramic tiles. If used to cover a large area, a crack suppression membrane is highly recommended.

For floors and applications where the grout line is wide, use a sanded grout. Detailed technical instructions and specifications will come with your order.

front hall floor


Maintenance is simple: use glass cleaner and a non-abrasive cloth. Avoid paper towels or newspaper which may cling to the grout.

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